Brochures and Product Literature

EBS works hard to provide our clients with the best combination of customer focused service and unique products for each client’s need. We provide unique solutions to a variety of wastewater challenges.

EBS Brochure – Inspired to think about WWT differently
EBS Training Brochure – Inspired to LEARN about WWT differently

Applications and Case Studies

EBS Applications – Improve Ammonia Removal
EBS Applications – Application of Calcium Nitrate for Enhanced BOD Removal
EBS Applications – LiquiStar GT, Targeting Oils, Grease, and Proteins
EBS Applications – Case Study – BOD Removal through Bioaugmentation
EBS Applications – Case Study – SE P&P Mill Improves Performance and Reduces Cost by 40% with New Bioaugmentation Technology
EBS Applications – Case Study – Wellness Check on Treatment Plant One Year after Plan Implementation

Advanced Diagnostics Tools

EBS Advanced Diagnostic Tools – Flow Cytometry
EBS Advanced Diagnostic Tools – Treatability Wastewater Testing
EBS Advanced Diagnostic Tools – Molecular Biology

Learn about the microorganisms in your wastewater treatment system.