Technical Advisory Council

About the Council

The EBS Technical Advisory Council is made up of eight highly experienced individuals with almost 300 years of combined industrial wastewater experience. The members are former professors, professional engineers, former corporate environmental SMEs, water treatment chemical and equipment experts, and effluent toxicity/water quality experts. Three members recently joined EBS as full-time employees following long, successful careers in industry and academia. The other five have fully or partially retired and joined the council as a way to give back to an industry to which they dedicated their entire working lives. EBS is honored and privileged to have these individuals as part of this exciting concept. Information regarding the Council Members’ specific areas of experience and expertise can be found in Table 1.

Purpose – Process – Payoff

  • Purpose: To create a unique concept in the area of knowledge transfer and professional development employing the individual talents and collective wisdom of recognized leaders in their field.
  • Process: An Infinite Game1 approach to empowering EBS employees and our clients with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to protect and improve the world’s natural resources. The Council convenes monthly via conference call and meets in person at EBS’s Spring and Fall Wastewater Seminars in Mandeville, LA.
  • Payoff: A rewarding opportunity for the Council Members, EBS employees, and the wastewater treatment industry as a whole.

Rules of Engagement Council Members

Anything worth having has value and is therefore worth paying for. Each of the four non-employee members, Paul Klopping, Dr. Andrew Englande, Mayes Starke, and Tim Moore, have retainer agreements with EBS providing a level of access in addition to their current professional and personal situation. As the leader of this group, Mike Foster’s role is to ensure the available time for each individual is allocated in a way that maximizes value to them, EBS, our clients, and the wastewater industry at large. Consequently, all initial requests for direct involvement by one of the EBS Technical Advisory Council members must go through Mike Foster.

1. Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game (Portfolio/Penguin, 2019).

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About the Council Members

Dr. Andrew Englande

Wastewater Consultant

A. J. Englande, Jr., Ph.D., P.E., DEE Professor Emeritus, Department of Global Environmental Health Sciences, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Dr. Englande joined EBS in 2015 as a Wastewater Consultant. He provides advice on laboratory research projects and client applications.

Dr. Englande is currently Professor Emeritus at Tulane University, Department of Global Environmental Health Sciences. He specializes in natural resource management including water quality and toxics assessment/control, with research areas in industrial waste management, wastewater and water treatment; bioremediation; fate of trace contaminants and pathogens in the environment. Dr. Englande has published over 150 papers covering topics such as sustainability, wastewater and water treatment, waste minimization and kinetics of contaminant removal by biological systems. He has presented a similar number of papers at international, national, and local conferences and has organized and participated in numerous continuing education programs and workshops.

Dr. Englande is a member of many professional organizations, notably a life member in Fulbright Association and Water Environment Federation (WEF). He is a Fulbright Scholar and the 2014 recipient of the WEF Industrial Water Quality Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Englande is a board certificated environmental engineer through the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists and is a registered professional engineer in the State of Louisiana.

Hiram Ingram

Technical Advisory Council

Hiram Ingram graduated from Auburn University in 1975 with a Mechanical Engineering degree. He and his wife, Gina, reside in Pensacola, Florida.

After graduation, Hiram worked as a utilities technical support engineer and maintenance engineer until 1980.

In 1980, Hiram joined Betz Industrial and started his forty-year career in industrial water and wastewater special chemical sales and service. During his career, he has acquired a broad knowledge of processes, equipment, and chemical treatments for industrial water systems. These include water clarification and filtration, boiler water pretreatment, feedwater and boiler water, once through/closed/recirculation cooling water, wastewater clarification, and sludge dewatering. He retired from Solenis LLC in September 2020.

Hiram joined the EBS Technical Advisory Council in January 2022. He will provide consulting services and council in this role.

Paul Klopping

Principal Consultant for Callan & Brooks

Paul Klopping is Principal Consultant for Callan and Brooks based in Corvallis, OR. Previously, Paul spent five years as Senior Vice-President of Industrial Wastewater for Brown and Caldwell. A specialist in biological wastewater treatment, he has over thirty years of experience in plant operations, training, and technical assistance. His expertise in activated sludge process control, solids handling, and facility management have been utilized in hundreds of projects throughout North America, the South Pacific, and Europe.

Paul’s education includes a B.S. and three years of postgraduate study in microbiology. He is a Certified Environmental Trainer, a former Department Chairman of the Water/Wastewater Technology Department at Linn-Benton Community College in Oregon, a charter member and past President of the National Environmental Training Association, and past President of the Pacific Northwest Pollution Control Association. Paul was a faculty member for the TAPPI Activated Sludge Short Course and Biological Wastewater Workshop for eleven years.

John R. Lawrence

Technical Advisory Council

John received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Mississippi and began his professional career in 1984 as a Sales Representative for Nalco Chemical Company, working within the Basic Industry Group. Initially, he serviced the waterside of Refineries, Chemical plants, Papermills, and Chicken processing facilities. In 1987 he was promoted and moved to Hattiesburg. MS to focus specifically on the paper industry which continued for the next 30 years. During his tenure with Nalco, he held the following positions: account manager, district account manager, district manager, technical consultant, and trainer.

Over his career, he gained extensive experience with Inlet Water Clarifiers – Cold-Lime Softening – Filters – Reverse Osmosis – Softeners – Boilers Demineralizers – Deaerators – Cooling Towers – Chillers – Screw & Belt Presses – Water Clarifiers – Waste Lagoon. He also specializes in operator training which focuses on describing the “how and why” these processes work.

John currently resides in New Mexico where he takes care of his wife’s horses and harvests his garden.

Kyle Moore

Technical Advisory Council

After retiring from International Paper at the end of 2020, Kyle joined the EBS Technical Advisory Council in 2021.

Before joining the EBS Technical Advisory Council, Kyle had a 43-year professional career. He spent 33 years working in the Pulp & Paper industry and 10 years in the Chemical Industry. Kyle’s experience includes manufacturing and technical sales. The majority of his career was spent with International Paper (28 years) where he was EHS Manager at three of their facilities and ultimately worked and managed EHS activities at 4 different integrated pulp and paper mills. Kyle’s final role with International Paper was at their Memphis, TN home office. He served as the Business EHS Manager for IP’s Global Cellulose Fiber business.

During his career, Kyle developed extensive experience in biological wastewater system operation including both Activated Sludge and ASB systems. Kyle led projects that converted two integrated pulp & paper mills from ASB operations to Activated Sludge. Kyle worked and led complex environmental permitting projects during his career which included modifying and obtaining both air and wastewater permits for various pulp & paper mill projects. Kyle’s assignments as mill EHS Manager and Business EHS manager with International Paper developed his extensive experience in many manufacturing facility EHS activities including environmental, health, and safety.

Kyle graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University. Kyle also completed some graduate work in Industrial Hygiene and Applied Mathematics. Kyle received post-graduate training in biological wastewater science from Auburn and Vanderbilt University.

Timothy Moore

Toxicity Testing Specialist

Tim Moore is President of Risk Sciences, an environmental consulting firm he founded in 1986. Mr. Moore is one of the nation’s foremost experts in Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) testing. He specializes in complex Toxicity Identification Evaluation (TIE) investigations.

During his 35-year career, Mr. Moore has published numerous articles in scientific journals and delivered hundreds of presentations at professional conferences. His ground-breaking work on proper interpretation of unusual dose-response data became the basis for the US EPA’s national guidance on the same subject.

Mr. Moore has partnered with EBS to help clients identify the cause(s) of toxicity test failures and restore wastewater treatment plants to full compliance with the discharge permit.

T. Mayes Starke, P.E.

Technical Advisory Council

After working for 25 years with Georgia-Pacific in 2018, Mayes joined the EBS Technical Advisory Council in 2019. Mayes has 42 years of experience in the Water and Wastewater field.

Prior to EBS, Mayes served as Technical Support Group, Manager of Water for Georgia-Pacific, and also in the roles of Senior Technical Consultant, Environmental Manager for the Communications Paper, and Environmental Manager for Wood & Fiber Supply. At Georgia-Pacific, Mayes provided consulting and management in regulatory development, regulatory compliance, permit negotiations, wastewater system troubleshooting and response, wastewater treatment, and pretreatment design, as well as drinking water, SPCC, and stormwater treatment expertise. Prior to Georgia-Pacific, Mayes worked for Smurfit-Stone as an environmental engineer in their Corporate Environmental group, and as a wastewater consultant for CH2M Hill and JE Sirrine. While Mayes has extensive experience in the Pulp and Paper Industry, he has also provided consulting services in the electronics, chemical, brewery, and metal finishing industries.

Mayes graduated with a BA in Microbiology from the University of Tennessee and completed his MS in Sanitary Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Mayes also completed the Executive Business Program from the University of Michigan Business School.

Mayes is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Georgia. He has twice served as chairman of the Water Resources Committee of the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA). In 2001, Mayes co-authored a paper receiving the TAPPI Best Paper award in the Water Quality Category, “Understanding and Improving Secondary Biological Systems with State Point Analysis”.