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We are proud to announce the release of our 2023 Wastewater Treatment Training Schedule with multiple locations available!

Lab Lines Newsletter Issue 1

“Lab Lines” originated as a way to inspire, inform and interact with our clients. If you have any questions, want to request an article topic, or have a question for our “Ask the BioWizard”, please let us know!

NitriFire™, Nitrifying Bacteria Formulation

Specifically formulated blend of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (Nitrosomonas or AOBs) and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria (Nitrobacter spp. or NOBs) for efficient oxidation of ammonia.

40-Day Volatile Solids Reduction Case Study

EBS has extensive experience in supporting a wide variety of bench-scale testing to suit our client’s needs. The goal of this study was to evaluate the reduction of volatile solids over 40 days, which is required for their permit renewal.

Wastewater solutions, training, and consulting programs for everyone

EBS is an independent wastewater treatment consulting company that provides unique solutions to various operational and training challenges facing industrial wastewater professionals. We are inspired to be trusted advisors to our clients and Channel Partners, offering an alternative to traditional consultants and suppliers in the form of unique technical insights and perspectives, thereby helping them protect North America’s natural resources while supporting their financial goals and long-term sustainability.

Assessing risk and managing critical factors are necessities for managers, engineers, and operators of wastewater treatment plants. Decisions and actions that impact short-term compliance must complement the longer-term management of the wastewater treatment process. Our comprehensive approach evaluates your entire system to determine the current state and offer corrective action if needed. 

Featured Articles

Storm Preparedness and Recovery Plan

Storm Preparedness and Recovery Plan

High winds and rain from hurricanes have the potential to damage wastewater treatment facilities leading to long, unplanned outages. As we are in the midst of another hurricane season, it is essential for wastewater management teams to take appropriate measures to...

40-Day Volatile Solids Reduction

40-Day Volatile Solids Reduction

Executive Summary Environmental Business Specialists, LLC (EBS) was contracted by a US pulp and paper mill to conduct a 40-Day bench-scale study of Volatile Solids Reduction based on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) part 503 biosolids rule. The goal of this...