Inspiring others to learn about wastewater treatment

Training is a passion for EBS and our employees. Our goal is to grow individual knowledge and skills so we can better perform our jobs. As trusted advisors for our clients, we are inspired to help them protect North America’s rivers, lakes, streams, and estuaries while supporting their financial goals and long-term sustainability. Training plant personnel helps to achieve this goal by developing a deeper knowledge of wastewater treatment and expanding troubleshooting skills. Increased knowledge allows an operator to manage the system more efficiently and effectively resulting in minimizing the wastewater system’s impact on the environment.

For over twenty-five years, EBS has developed and conducted training for industrial clients on a variety of wastewater-related topics. EBS conducts training for operators, engineers, and supervisors on-site or at EBS headquarters. Subjects range from wastewater treatment fundamentals to more advanced topics including ASB or activated sludge process control, wastewater microbiology, nutrient control, polymer optimization, equipment utilization, and lab testing fundamentals. EBS courses can be approved for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) where a State allows.

Investing in training has lasting value, as it provides plant personnel with useable, practical knowledge for monitoring and troubleshooting their wastewater system. While the technology of secondary systems hasn’t fundamentally changed over the years, EBS continues to develop and refine techniques for improving process control and reducing operational costs. With permit limits tightening and new regulations such as Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) on the horizon, it is more important than ever that environmental professionals have a deep understanding of treatment fundamentals.

Seminars and Workshops

EBS offers two different seminars at our Mandeville, LA headquarters and training center. We organize our seminars based on wastewater system technology: Aerated Stabilization Basins (ASB) and Activated Sludge Systems. Both seminars cover the basics of wastewater treatment and new advanced technologies being utilized in wastewater treatment troubleshooting and risk management. These classes are among the most comprehensive wastewater treatment seminars available to the industry and are presented by top experts in the field. The seminars include hands-on microbiological examinations, laboratory demonstrations, and laboratory testing of your effluent samples. Using your samples provides meaningful feedback to your plant and teaches attendees how to monitor their systems effectively.

EBS also conducts workshops in various cities around the United States to provide in-person learning opportunities with easier travel requirements for those further away from Louisiana. Previous workshop locations have included Savannah GA, Nashville TN, and Charleston SC.

Customized On-site Training

Most companies are challenged to allow a large portion of personnel to attend off-site training at any given time. This makes on-site training an efficient and attractive option. On-site training allows courses to be customized to trainee needs and plant-specific issues. The topics and Q&A opportunities are focused on your operation thus enhancing the learning takeaway. Training of shift employees can occur back-to-back enabling you to train your entire staff in an effective and cost-efficient manner. EBS has conducted numerous client-specific, on-site wastewater training seminars over the years. Satisfied customers include International Paper, WestRock, Rayonier, BASF, Ashland Chemical, Shin-Tech, Georgia-Pacific, and Graphic Packaging.

EBS has also provided advanced wastewater training for the sales personnel of Nalco Company, ChemTreat, and Buckman Laboratories.

Training is one of the many ways EBS continues to innovate and share ways to protect North America’s receiving streams and waterways.