More about the company

As trusted advisers and experienced problem-solvers, EBS employs consulting services, analytical testing, and innovative products to deliver unique value and cost-effective solutions to the complex problems facing owners and operators of industrial wastewater treatment systems.

EBS was established in 1997, by Mike Foster (CEO & Principal BioWizard). The company offers a wide range of client support and troubleshooting services.  Over the years, EBS has expanded its consulting, training, product solution, and analytical services.

Starting simply as a wastewater consultant to industrial manufacturing plants and water treatment companies, EBS has grown to include client support and troubleshooting staff capable of working with your plant’s personnel on issues and performing a variety of wastewater system studies; laboratories to assess your system dynamics, run treatability studies, and perform wastewater treatment (WWT) related research; a staff capable of training clients in WWT at EBS seminars, workshops, customized on-site courses, and for the 10-hour OSHA General Industry Safety and Health training course; and a variety of wastewater treatment products including bacteria, nutrients, defoamers, and polymers.

Our EBS client list ranges from small manufacturing facilities to Fortune 500 corporations.

Core Values

EBS has developed a set of Core Values that drives everything we do and how we service our clients. These values are fundamental to supporting our business model and our employees’ engagement with you.

Core Value #1: Respond at the Speed of Sound: “No one responds faster.”

Our company and employees understand and appreciate the critical nature of our clients’ needs. We respond promptly to both internal and external client requests and within reason, place our highest priority on these needs. EBS employees take quick action without reminded. They meet deadlines or communicate effectively when situations dictate that a deadline will not or cannot be met. EBS employees readily volunteer for opportunities that require short notice travel or change of priorities. Our employees consistently exhibit a sense of urgency under both normal and crisis situations.

Core Value #2: Simple, yet Profound

At EBS, we meet our client needs by offering a wide variety of wastewater related products and services. Frequently, this includes customized or adapted products to address a specific situation or application. We pride ourselves on being customer centric. Our approach is straightforward and technically sound. Our goal is to utilize solid, well-understood science in ways that have a profound impact on our clients’ environmental compliance and corporate profitability. EBS employees are expected to fully understand the basics of their job and strive to find new, better, faster, more effective, or more efficient ways to increase the EBS value proposition for our clients. Being satisfied with the status quo is completely contrary to this Core Value. EBS employees strive to collaborate with our clients to develop and implement impactful solutions that ensure compliance, increase the margin of safety and reduce overall operating costs.

Core Value #3: Calm in the Storm

Calm in the Storm means that EBS employees are trained and conditioned to support our clients during the most stressful situations that may occur. We understand the criticality of the EBS role with our clients and recognize that our clients may be under significant stress or pressure and have multiple issues to deal with during a crisis or emergency. It is incumbent upon EBS employees to provide a reassuring calmness and confidence at all times and help alleviate the pressure associated with maintaining or restarting the wastewater treatment system, allowing client personnel to focus on other critical issues.

Core Value #4: No Fear

At EBS, we are proud of our ability to take on new challenges every day with the confidence to deliver results that our clients need. We have a client-centric, scientifically grounded approach to identifying and solving biological wastewater treatment problems for our industrial clients and Channel Partners. We  recognize how and when to curb fearlessness to avoid creating situations where one’s expertise, experience, and/or technical competency are exceeded. We are reassured by the knowledge that a supportive Leadership Team, along with various internal and external resources, are available to help us fulfill the expectations of our valued clients. 

Core Value #5: Open Book

EBS is a unique enterprise as far as the breadth of products and services we offer our clients. Our transparent and “unbundled” business model eliminates the need for us to sell products just to justify the offering of technical support or laboratory analysis. We are equally comfortable as a product supplier or a billable consultant. We simply want to deliver exceptional results at a fair and defensible price. The EBS Leadership Team encourages employees to exhibit authenticity in all they do, be accountable, and lead by example. We teach that leadership begins with character, and that transparency and authenticity are critical components of leadership character.

Core Value #6: Spread the Word

“Informed clients and employees are the best kind”. EBS is passionate about why we exist, what we do, and how we can help others grow in their knowledge and skills. We understand that communication and collaboration are critical to a company’s long-term success.