Municipal wastewater treatment plants can face a variety of challenges depending on the source of the wastewater(s) they need to process. Even traditional domestic wastewater can contain problematic substances such as household cleaners, but the industrial contributors add new complexity to this challenge. Some streams can contain toxic/inhibitory compounds that can have a detrimental impact on the natural biomass in a treatment system.

EBS provides advanced analytical testing which can help determine the impact of these compounds on a wastewater system. Once identified, EBS provides specialized on-site support ranging from ongoing monitoring and technical support to emergency support during upsets and system failures.

EBS experts can troubleshoot both aerated stabilization basins (ASB’s) and a wide variety of different types of activated sludge systems. EBS brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to you when you need it. From analytical testing, operator training, system evaluations, bioaugmentation, or responding to wastewater treatment upsets, we are there to support you and assist in the system recovery.