Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industries frequently face wastewater system upsets due to their cleaning and sanitizing practices. Compounds such as quaternary amines, peracetic acid, and surfactants are common components of their Cleaning in Place, or CIP, processes. These products are used in large quantities to ensure proper sterilization of food processing equipment. However, these compounds can have a detrimental impact on wastewater treatment. These compounds are toxic or inhibitory to the natural biomass in an activated sludge system.

EBS provides advanced analytical testing which can help determine both the quantity of chemicals making their way to wastewater, as well as their impact on the biomass. Once identified, EBS provides specialized on-site support ranging from ongoing monitoring and technical support to emergency support during upsets and system failures.

EBS brings a wealth of knowledge and years of expertise to you when you need it. From analytical testing, operator training, system evaluations, or responding to wastewater treatment upsets, we are there to support you and assist in the system recovery.

Toxicity and inhibition of the bacterial population are increasingly being identified in many industrial wastewater plants. EBS’ Advanced Analytical Lab, located in Auburn, AL, is dedicated to identifying the compounds contributing to toxicity and inhibition, which results in the biological step of the wastewater treatment process not functioning to its full ability.