Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) Used to Conduct Hydrographic Surveys

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EBS uses an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) to conduct Hydrographic Surveys in different bodies of water from clean to wastewater. The USV is equipped with a single beam echo sounder optimized for shallow water hydrographic surveying and a dual-frequency transducer. Field personnel are trained to use the industry-leading hydrographic survey software. The data quality provided to our clients is consistently accurate and detailed with the ability to access shallower water.


  • Ability to monitor data in real time
  • Single beam echo sounder optimized for shallow water
  • Dual frequency transducer
  • Quality control measures
  • GNSS receiver in the unit
  • Topside monitoring and control with camera

By utilizing a remotely operated vessel to conduct a survey, EBS can provide data across water bodies not traditionally considered accessible. Water bodies once considered hazardous to access, are now able to be surveyed safely by field personnel remaining ashore. The USV’s lightweight makes it easy to be placed into elevated or lowered structures, eliminating the safety concern with having a person in either of these scenarios.


  • Accessibility to water bodies that crewed vessels cannot access
  • Safety, as there is no need for a person on the water

Routine surveys can provide a detailed look at sediment accumulation over time and provide the data necessary for planning capital projects. Surveys can also be used to compare depth before and after capital projects to access progress and establish the baseline. By taking advantage of the new USV equipment and software, EBS can maximize performance, perform advanced data evaluations, safely conduct studies in a variety of water depths, and continue to provide our clients with high-quality deliverables.