Technical Advisory Council

About the Council

The EBS Technical Advisory Council is made up of eight highly experienced individuals with almost 300 years of combined industrial wastewater experience. The members are former professors, professional engineers, former corporate environmental SMEs, water treatment chemical and equipment experts, and effluent toxicity/water quality experts. Three members recently joined EBS as full-time employees following long, successful careers in industry and academia. The other five have fully or partially retired and joined the council as a way to give back to an industry to which they dedicated their entire working lives. EBS is honored and privileged to have these individuals as part of this exciting concept. Information regarding the Council Members’ specific areas of experience and expertise can be found in Table 1.

Purpose – Process – Payoff

  • Purpose: To create a unique concept in the area of knowledge transfer and professional development employing the individual talents and collective wisdom of recognized leaders in their field.
  • Process: An Infinite Game1 approach to empowering EBS employees and our clients with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to protect and improve the world’s natural resources. The Council convenes monthly via conference call and meets in person at EBS’s Spring and Fall Wastewater Seminars in Mandeville, LA.
  • Payoff: A rewarding opportunity for the Council Members, EBS employees, and the wastewater treatment industry as a whole.

Rules of Engagement for EBS Employee Council Members

Three members of the Council, Dr. Cliff Lange, and John Lawrence are EBS employees and available to work directly with clients as needed. They can be contacted at their EBS email address which is

Rules of Engagement for Non-Employee Council Members

Anything worth having has value and is therefore worth paying for. Each of the five non-employee members, Paul Klopping, Dr. Andrew Englande, Fred Neubauer, Mayes Starke, and Tim Moore, have retainer agreements with EBS providing a level of access in addition to their current professional and personal situation. As the leader of this group, Mike Foster’s role is to ensure the available time for each individual is allocated in a way that maximizes value to them, EBS, our clients, and the wastewater industry at large. Consequently, all initial requests for direct involvement by one of the EBS Technical Advisory Council members must go through Mike Foster.

1. Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game (Portfolio/Penguin, 2019).

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