Tripp McElwee

Eastern Regional Manager

Joseph “Tripp” McElwee III joined EBS in November 2015 and is the Eastern Regional Manager. He started with the Biowizard Circuit Training Group, a position designed to expose the individual to virtually every area of EBS with the express intent of creating employees capable of moving into a contributing role within one of the EBS units at the end of the training period. Tripp currently works in the Client Services group, assisting our clients in the Carolinas with their needed areas of compliance. He also works with the Business Development team in expanding EBS’s capabilities into new markets and holds a Class I Wastewater Operator Certification.

Tripp graduated from Clemson University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree. In 2015 he received his Master of Science in Environmental Studies and Public Administration degree from the College of Charleston. During this time he was a Teaching Assistant and a Research Assistant. His thesis project was “Evaluating fish consumption patterns of people residing near a contaminated estuary in coastal Georgia”.

Tripp was on the Dean’s List and the Presidents List at Clemson University. He was a volunteer with DNR Fisheries Department and a Big Brother at the Big Brothers – Big Sisters Program. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys backpacking, fishing, and traveling around the country.

Tripp McElwee

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