Katelyn Dreux, Ph.D.

Manager of Advanced Analytical Services


Katelyn Dreux joined EBS in December 2019 as an Environmental Specialist in the Chemistry Lab. Prior to EBS, she worked at an insurance brokerage firm for several months. In December of 2021, she was promoted to Manager of Advanced Analytical Services for her outstanding work and initiative.

Katelyn received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2012. After graduating from Southeastern, Katelyn went to the University of Mississippi for graduate school, where she successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation in November 2018. Throughout her academic career, Katelyn has been involved in several different areas of research, which have resulted in over ten publications.

Born and raised in Louisiana, Katelyn has a large family that takes up most of her time, but she loves them anyway.

Katelyn Dreux

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