Wastewater Treatment System Operation – Data Evaluation

Wastewater Treatment System Operation - Data EvaluationMost wastewater treatment plants collect data and then more data, but what do you do with it?   Some data is related to permitting or every day operation, but some information is collected and stored in data bases never to be seen.   Whether your system is an Aeration Stabilization Basin (ASB) or an Activated Sludge System, chances are your data management challenges are unique to your location.

Data evaluation can take several forms:

Trending – much of the data collected is used to look for trends in daily operations.   However, it is also useful to look at several years of data and apply a running average.   A running average minimizes noise from daily highs and lows and may show a seasonal or annual trend that could otherwise go unnoticed.

Correlations – historical data is also useful in developing correlations between events/test results and in applying surrogates for other test parameters.   For example, applying a good surrogate for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) loading (COD or TOC) and an action plan for upset conditions can often head off a crisis.

Performance Criteria – tracking BOD removed per hp per day in your aeration basin or midpoint loading information may identify declining performance issues that can be addressed early to avoid permit violations.

While operational data is important, it is also critical that you collect the right data at the right frequency.   Too much data may be wasting your operator’s time and too little data (or data collected incorrectly) may lead you down the wrong path when solving your operational issues.

Environmental Business Specialists has years of experience looking at operational data and culling out issues that may be transparent to you for a variety of reasons.  Our industrial wastewater training courses teach you the growth pressures on your biological system from a perspective you may not have considered before.   We also perform audits and evaluations and have set up data management systems.   There are no cookie cutter solutions for data management and at EBS our services are tailored to meet your needs.

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