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Spring Activated Sludge Seminar

Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Seminar
April 28-30, 2015 Mandeville, LA


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 From a compliance standpoint, are you doing everything possible to ensure your wastewater treatment plant is running efficiently? If a catastrophic event or a violation should occur resulting in a visible outcome, can you defend your actions?

A lack of fulfilling the basic requirement of biological treatment can be considered a failure to implement proper control. Managing your wastewater treatment plant is about more than monitoring BOD numbers entering and exiting the system or running a few lab tests. It is about maintaining a healthy biological population that can absorb upsets and loading spikes when they occur while giving you the best opportunity to maintain compliance.

Advances in biological troubleshooting of WWTPs are helping EBS drill down into factors that impact biological systems in large ways. Whether the factors do not allow the biological system to run at its optimum, to how or why the system just won’t come back quickly or properly after a major shock, these advances are being used to delve deeper into what is happening in the system and get it back running and in compliance.

Join EBS for our Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Seminar April 28-30, 2015. This course can be utilized by those in the pulp and paper, specialty chemical, petrochemical, petroleum refining, and food processing industries. CEUs are offered. Take your knowledge base to the next level and register today!


The Courses

Tuesday, April 28th

Instructor – Paul Klopping

1.1 Overview of Wastewater Treatment: This is a great introduction into wastewater treatment with topics that include evaluating wastewater for BOD loading, treatability and environmental impact.

1.2 The Eight Growth Pressures of Biological Treatment: The eight growth pressures that control biological systems: food, pH, toxicity, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, biomass, temperature, and retention time. This session covers each growth pressure in detail with emphasis on monitoring and control. Focus will be given to the interrelationships among the growth pressures and how to use growth pressure monitoring as the starting point for system troubleshooting and optimization.

1.3 Introduction to Activated Sludge Microbiology: This section will cover the basic testing that is typically employed to monitor and control activated sludge processes. Particular attention will be given to loading measurements and surrogates for BOD5 analysis.

Instructor – Paul Klopping & Carl Siener

2.1 Aeration & Mixing: The fundamentals of oxygen transfer and mixing will be covered. Also there are many types of aerators and mixers on the market today, here we will go over some of the options available and the pros and cons of those options.

2.2 Introduction to Activated Sludge Microbiology: The basics of activated sludge microbiology will be covered, including floc formation, filamentous bacteria, and the higher life forms.

2.3 Nutrient Optimization & Nitrification: In many industrial WWT plants the system is nutrient deficient there is a need for supplemental nitrogen and phosphorus. This session will cover how to optimize these nutrients. Nitrification is an important step in many WWT systems and will be discussed in the context of monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization.

Wednesday, April 29th

Instructor – Paul Klopping

3.1 Basic Activated Sludge Monitoring & Control Strategies: This session will explain advancements in activated sludge process control. Discussions may include topics such as sludge quality, clarifier optimization, aeration, and RAS/WAS. This session will focus on troubleshooting, and optimization of activated sludge system

3.2 Addressing Clarifier Issues: This session will cover secondary clarification issues along with how RAS & WAS can greatly affect the system.

3.3 State Point Analysis: We will discuss state point analysis as a great tool to help troubleshoot clarifier performance issues.

Instructor – Paul Klopping & Julianna Isaac

5.1 Microscopic Examination as a Tool for Activated Sludge Control: Microscopic assessment has historically served as one of the primary diagnostic tools for evaluating the health and viability of activated sludge systems. Even though more advanced techniques are now available, the on-site microscopic examination remains one of the best ways to gain real-time information about the biological component of the system.

Thursday,April 30th

Instructor – Emily Gelder & The Lab

5.1 Lab Sessions: During this time we will discuss the typical wastewater treatment testing and the best QA/QC methods for these tests. We will have independent stations set up in each of our laboratories for participants to get more information on specific tests of interest.

Instructor – Mike Foster

6.1. Respirometry & pilot reactors: Respirometry and Pilot Reactors are powerful tools to simulate actual conditions within an activated sludge system. The benefits and limitations of these tools are discussed.

6.2. Applied bioaugmentation: Recent advances in applied bioaugmentation technology have greatly increased the efficiency and effectiveness of this technology. This session briefly discusses some of these advances and advantages of applied bioaugmentation.


Instructors – Dr. Cliff Lange

7.1. Lange will discuss the application of advanced chemical and microbiological techniques that can help diagnose system deficiencies when simply monitoring the growth pressures and other traditional parameters is not enough. Topics such as deflocculation, toxicity/inhibition, and futile cycling will be discussed with actual case histories presented.

7.2. Case Histories: Mike Foster will present actual plant data in the context of how to utilize these advanced techniques to identify and correct acute and chronic performance issues in activated sludge systems.

Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)
EBS can offer CEU credits as needed. State approvals are submitted upon request. Please note that many states require course approval prior to the class so please let us know in advance if you need these credits for your state.


Mike FosterMike Foster is Principal Consultant for Environmental Business Specialists, LLC in Mandeville, LA. Mike started EBS in 1997 after a thirteen-year career with a major supplier of wastewater treatment chemicals. Mike conducts training classes and seminars throughout North America, Asia and Europe on activated sludge systems, ASBs, polymers, and the use of chemical and biological technologies in these systems.

Mike received his B.S. degree in Chemistry and an M.S. degree in Instructional Technology from the University of Southern Mississippi. He is a Certified Environmental Trainer (CET) in wastewater and holds Class IV Wastewater Operator Licenses in MS, LA, and AR. Mike authored numerous articles and papers on topics including nutrient optimization, activated sludge process control, bioaugmentation and micronutrient technology.

Dr. LangeDr. Cliff Lange is a Professor at Auburn University College of Engineering. He has been involved in numerous research projects including biological treatment of paper mill and refinery wastes, whole effluent toxicity testing of wastewater effluents and process toxicity of organic chemicals in activated sludge processes.

He has performed measurement of semi-volatiles and PAHs in wastewater treatment process samples from over 35 petroleum refineries and has over 20 years experience with GC and GC/MS analysis of industrial waste water and solid samples. Dr. Lange has also assisted over 75 pulp and paper mills and 25 food processing plants with biological treatment issues.


Paul KloppingPaul Klopping is Principal Consultant for Callan and Brooks in Corvallis, OR. A specialist in biological wastewater treatment, he has over thirty years experience in plant operations, training, and technical assistance. His expertise in activated sludge process control, solids handling, and facility management has been utilized in hundreds of projects throughout North America, the South Pacific, and Europe.

Paul’s education includes a B.S. and three years of postgraduate study in microbiology. He is a Certified Environmental Trainer, a former Department Chairman of the Water/ Wastewater Technology Department at Linn-Benton Community College in Oregon, a charter member and Past President of the National Environmental Training Association, and Past President of the Pacific Northwest Pollution Control Association.

Carl SienerCarl Siener is a representative for Environmental Technical Sales (ETEC) of Baton Rouge, LA. ETEC represents over thirty equipment manufacturers serving the wastewater treatment industry and specializes in the pulp and paper industry. Carl will present information on aeration equipment and aeration basin flow optimization. Carl graduated from Louisiana State University in 1976 with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the industrial wastewater treatment industry.



Lodging: This training seminar is held at the EBS Headquarters, Lab, and Training Center in Mandeville, LA. Mandeville is approximately 45 minutes from the Louis Armstrong New Orleans airport, on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain. Here is a list of hotels in Covington (immediately north of Mandeville) along with phone numbers. All area hotels are within 10 miles of our training center.

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Meals: Lunch and snacks are provided Tuesday through Friday. EBS will host a hospitality event Wednesday evening; all attendees and their guests are invited.

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