The Youth Service Bureau’s Chef Soiree

Making a Difference in our Community: The Youth Service Bureau’s Chef Soiree

Youth Service Bureau's Chef SoireeEnvironmental Business Specialists is a strong proponent of giving back to the community. We encourage and foster an attitude of volunteerism among our employees. Understanding the value of belonging to a community and encouraging employees to seek out opportunities to give back is promoted not only verbally but written in our company manual.

For many years, EBS has been a key sponsor for the Youth Service Bureau’s Chef Soiree, the major fundraiser for this organization. The Youth Service Bureau at is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the belief that strong youth and families are the cornerstone of a strong community. The mission of the Youth Service Bureau is to provide troubled or high-risk youth and their families with programs of prevention and early intervention which enable the youth to choose a new direction and become responsible community members. Founded in 1981 to answer the needs of at-risk youth and families, the YSB continues to provide these programs today. The Youth Service Bureau also fosters quality advocacy efforts to ensure that all children in our community have safe and permanent homes. Being foster parents to two young boys introduced company owner Mike Foster and his wife, Christine, to the programs at the YSB.

EBS has had the good fortune of being a successful company, growing substantially since 2005. We like to think that it is not only our business model that allows for our success but also our passion for volunteerism. EBS’s success has allowed us to start with a small sponsorship many years ago and graduate to a full blown tent sponsorship in recent years. Employees, customers, family, and friends are invited to attend. All these people have played a role in the success of EBS and we thank them by encouraging them to attend the event, to understand the importance we feel in contributing to our community, and to see firsthand how the value of charitable events support much needed community programs.

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