The Harvey L. Foster Foundation for Science Education

Harvey L. Foster FoundationEnvironmental Business Specialists is a strong proponent of giving back to the community. We encourage and foster an attitude of volunteerism among our employees. Understanding the value of belonging to a community and encouraging employees to seek out opportunities to give back is promoted not only verbally but written in our company manual.

Mike and Christine Foster of EBS founded The Harvey L. Foster Foundation for Science Education in late 2007. Named after Mike’s father, a science, math, and physics teacher, Principal, and Assistant Superintendent in Tennessee, the mission is to award the ambition of the future science leaders of tomorrow with college tuition today. From grade school to grad school, the Foundation is supporting the next generation of scientists, engineers, and chemists through educational initiatives. Whether it’s introducing the marvels of science and engineering to students through our career day mentoring programs, rewarding excellence in high school science fair competitions, providing schools with much-needed laboratory equipment, or providing scholarships for students to pursue science careers with the HLFF Scholarship or the EBS Pearl River Studies Scholarship, the Foundation strives to touch the lives of thousands of students community-wide every day.

The Foundation’s scholarship program has awarded 11 four-year scholarships valued between $4-8000 each to high school seniors entering college, 11 one-time scholarships valued at $500 each, as well as money for science textbooks. If you want to “clean house” so to speak in your lab, the Foundation would be happy to take donated old or excess equipment and move it to school education programs that might teach and excite our youth about science. Don’t think a school can use the equipment you have? We will sell it on eBay and use those funds to purchase more pertinent equipment. Perhaps your mill would like to assist youths in your community by providing ­ing a science scholarship. We will help you set it up and implement it for your mill.

There are many great ways to spread the knowledge of science to today’s youths. They are our scientific leaders of tomorrow, the ones who will find the cure for cancer, Alzheimer’s, and AIDS, create our future inventions, or design the next generation of vehicles to put us in space or under the ocean. So please take a moment to view the Founda­tion’s website and see how you can help our future leaders. Information on the foundation can be located at

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