EBS Wastewater Treatment Short Course

This EBS short course will cover basic wastewater treatment, the eight growth pressures, wastewater microbiology and monitoring tools. This course is approved for CEUs in LA, but we are able to apply for other states with advanced notice. This training follows the production of odors, primarily H2S, from the Collection System through the Treatment System and show how odors produced upstream canhave a negative impact on downstream systems.
Collection Topics:
  • Bacterial growth in collection systems
    • Odor production
    • Acid production
    • Flow rate control
    • Oxidants as Biocides
    • Odor Control Products
Treatment Topics:
  • Primary Treatment
    • Soilds Removal
    • Impacts of poor treatment
  • Secondary Treatment
    • Growth Pressures for Bacteria
    • Anaerobic vs Aerobic Metabolisms
    • Odor Production: Sources
    • Odor Impact on System Treatment
  • Monitoring
    • Laboratory Testing Methods
    • ANalysis of Data

When?: April 25th, 1pm to 5pm
Deadline: April 11th

Registration Fee: $25

EBS Headquarters
1930 Surgi Dr.
Mandeville, LA 70448