Servicing a Peristaltic Nutrient Metering Pump

Servicing an EBS Peristaltic Metering Nutrient Pump Feeding nutrient is necessary in many wastewater treatment secondary activated sludge and aerated stabilization basin systems (ASBs). The proper dosage and nitrogen to phosphorus blend ratio (N:P) is also important so that over or under-dosing of either the N or P component doesn’t occur, thus compromising biomass efficiency and/or causing wasted cost. Moreover, nutrient products in the form of 1034 or 1137, 3200 and N:P blends can salt out in either colder or warmer temperatures and cause pump plugging, thus impeding feed rates. As a result, it is critical that a pump maintenance program be in place to keep your pump feeding accurate amounts of nutrient and to ensure a long pump life span for your purchase price.

EBS Production and Maintenance Coordinator Kenny Smith has evaluated, purchased, and serviced numerous pump types over the years and has found the Blue-White Industries Flex-Pro ® A3 and A4 Peristaltic Metering Pump to be an excellent pump for nutrient feed. Kenny indicates that Blue-White Industries provides him with the following benefits:

The following information is provided by Kenny based on his experience and does not mean that proper safety precautions and procedures should not be taken. For a Tube Failure Detection (TFD), do not use until proper service is completed as noted below.

The service is now complete. The Blue-White Peristaltic Metering Pump is ready to feed nutrient to your wastewater treatment system and make those bacteria happy campers once again. For more information on equipment reliability, please contact Environmental Business Specialists at 985-674-0660

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