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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Services

Consulting Services

On-Site Industrial Wastewater Treatment Consulting Services Since 1997, EBS has provided specialized on-site support to industrial wastewater treatment systems. Ranging from on-going monitoring and technical support to emergency support… Read more »

Wastewater Training

EBS training programs are developed and presented by Mike Foster, Principal Consultant. Mike is a licensed wastewater operator and holds a Certified Environmental Trainer (CET) designation in wastewater from the… Read more »

Laboratory Services

Wastewater Microbiology Assessments Wastewater   Microscopy Filamentous Identification Polysaccharide Determination The microscope is a powerful troubleshooting tool for biological wastewater treatment systems. Microscopic examinations are a critical component of a… Read more »



Major oil spills, fortunately, do not occur frequently. But when they do, they contribute petroleum hydrocarbons and non-petroleum organic wastes to the environment depending on the source of the spill…. Read more »

Learn about the microorganisms in your wastewater treatment system.