SAC Water Engineering Solutions


Aging infrastructure and stricter effluent limits are making it increasingly difficult for industrial treatment systems to cost-effectively meet their effluent limits. When wastewater treatment plants experience issues, it can be beneficial to involve a professional engineer who understands the process equipment technical specifications and limitations to provide recommendations and/or operating suggestions. SAC Water Engineering Solutions incorporates engineering expertise into our value-added approach to addressing client wastewater challenges with the addition of Robert Sackellares, PE.

SAC Water Engineering utilizes over forty years of experience in environmental engineering and consulting in the areas of water and wastewater for industrial manufacturing plants. Robert worked alongside the pioneers who developed the knowledge base on how systems like activated sludge systems, aerated stabilization basins, and anaerobic pretreatment systems work. This knowledge is especially useful when dealing with existing systems.

 Areas of expertise at SAC Water Engineering include water quality evaluations, NPDES permitting, wastewater treatment systems modeling, treatability studies and process design of industrial wastewater treatment systems. Robert’s expertise, when combined with Dr. Cliff Lange’s abilities from the Lange Advanced Analytical Lab, and EBS’s field testing and treatability capabilities allow the team to develop more reliable and cost-effective solutions to your problems.

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