Digital eBook – Aerated Stabilization Basins for Pulp and Paper Mills

eBookIn Pulp and Paper wastewater treatment, the Aerated Stabilization Basin (ASB) has been a relatively ignored process despite the fact that over thirty percent of the pulp and paper wastewater systems in North America utilize ASBs as their biological wastewater treatment process. While entire books have been written on the activated sludge process and municipal lagoons, pulp and paper mill ASBs have been generally relegated to a few pages or paragraphs in a small number of specialty publications. In 1995, Klopping, Richard and Marshall published Aerated Stabilization Basins, Operations, Monitoring and Troubleshooting, which was primarily oriented to the pulp and paper industry. This book draws heavily from that earlier work, but introduces material more specific to ASBs and the pulp and paper industry in particular.

This work draws extensively from our experiences as trainers and troubleshooters in the area of ASB operation and optimization. Where information was used from published sources, we have made every effort to acknowledge the source in the appropriate location in the text. However, much of this is either widely accepted information or knowledge acquired from our experiences working in the industry. Consequently, there are relatively few references cited in the text. We listed the cited references at the end of the book.

We have worked with over one hundred ASBs in North America in our combined thirty-five years of experience in the pulp and paper industry. The result of these experiences is an understanding that ASBs, while similar to activated sludge systems, are not activated sludge systems. We hope that this book will help mill personnel, corporate environmental engineers, and consultants look at ASBs as the unique and dynamic treatment processes that they are, rather than large uncontrollable bodies of water.

This book is designed to serve as a reference source, a self-study guide and an accompaniment to our industry-specific seminars for operators and engineers. We hope that you find it a useful resource.

This is the digital copy of the book.