EBS Dry Product

At EBS, we believe that bioaugmentation cultures can be a viable tool in addressing a wide variety of biological wastewater treatment problems, but only when applied as part of a holistic approach and in accordance with good science. Without adequate monitoring and control of the Eight Growth Pressures, the system will be limited regardless of whose bacteria you feed or how many pounds you add. By evaluating your entire system and all the critical inputs, we focus on finding a practical, technically defensible, and cost effective solution. Bioaugmentation is often, but not always, a component of our recommendations.

EBS offers numerous bacterial formulations, dry and liquid, to meet specific client needs. The EBS BioStar™ formulations are broad spectrum, high viable count bacterial formulations specifically developed for applications such as the pulp and paper, chemical processing, and refining industries and municipalities. Packaged in one pound water-soluble bags in 25-pound pails, these products are both cost effective and easily applied.

EBS MicroStar™ 2.0 is the result of an extensive internal research program and is designed to provide more than just bacteria. This formulation is fortified with proprietary enzymes and micronutrients to enhance biodegradation and floc formation. Developed for the EBS Bacterial Acceleration Chamber™ (BAC units), MicroStar 2.0 can be grown up to increase the number of bacteria going into the system without increasing cost. For use in our second generation BAC2 Units, EBS developed MicroStartTM, which has all of the components of MicroStar 2.0, plus additional micronutrients to support the two-stage grow up process.

EBS NitriStar™ nitrifier formulations are designed to provide high levels of nitrifying bacteria to maintain nitrification or speed reestablishment of nitrification and provide both Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter strains. NitriStar blends are a cost-effective approach to maintaining nitrification under difficult conditions, such as cold temperature or toxic upsets.

EBS LiquiStar™ products are broad spectrum, high viable count, liquid bacterial formulations specifically developed for distributors to make down and utilize in specific industrial applications.

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