EBS Products

There are times when the biological population needs a boost, whether to handle excess BOD or to recover after an upset. EBS BioStar™ and MicroStar™ formulations contain microorganisms selected for specific industrial applications and blended to successfully reproduce in EBS BAC™ units or be added as-is.

The patented EBS Bacteria Acceleration Chamber (BAC unit), used in conjunction with EBS bioaugmentation products, increases the number of active cultures applied to a WWTP by 100- to 1000-fold. The result is a greater chance for application success at an affordable cost.

EBS provides customized nitrogen and phosphorus (N:P) blends to meet the needs of your system and biological population. Using respirometry, EBS determines the optimum formulation and dosage of our MacroGro™ nutrient blends customized for your WWTP. Our extensive network of blending facilities ensures competitive pricing and reduces delivery lead time to get your system working at optimum levels sooner rather than later, thus reducing your risk, environmental impact and cost to correct.

Learn about the microorganisms in your wastewater treatment system.