Periodic Evaluations and Wastewater Treatment

Periodic evaluations as a tool to understand your Wastewater Treatment system

Periodic Evaluations and Wastewater TreatmentWhen operating a wastewater treatment system, it is important that you have a complete analytical evaluation run on your system routinely. This not only allows you to verify testing by onsite labs, it provides background data for troubleshooting system upsets. The Environmental Business Specialists lab can assist with this analysis and use the information to help you evaluate your system’s efficiency.

System evaluation testing includes basic permitted analyses such as BOD, TSS, and COD as well as some process monitoring analyses such DOUR, settling, and nutrients. Reports are tailored to meet client needs and our comments or recommendations will reflect the issues your particular plant faces. Analyses run during normal as well as upset conditions enable us to determine how stressed the system is during an upset as compared to routine background data. This gives you a head start on helping your system recover quickly and efficiently.

The analyses usually include a full microscopic evaluation to assess the health of the system and we will calculate a maturity index for your system. An EBS microscopic evaluation includes pictures, or micrographs, of the floc, higher life forms, as well as any filamentous bacteria.

Our top of the line microscope camera with video capabilities and updated technology allows us to enhance the picture quality of the microbial components. Furthermore, EBS recently added plate counting and oil & grease testing to our capabilities.

EBS is happy to assist with these analyses if you face problems with oil and grease or low bacterial counts. We can also help you understand the results of your system evaluation and how these results might negatively or positively impact your Wastewater Treatment Plant during regular or upset conditions.

If you are interested in a system evaluation, please contact us at or the EBS offices at 985-674-0660. For an example of a typical in-house service report, please visit our website at

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