Nitrification Support

Nitrogen CycleEnvironmental Business Specialists, LLC (EBS) is a recognized authority in the area of biological wastewater troubleshooting, training, and optimization. With clients throughout North America, EBS has worked with some of the largest industrial wastewater systems in the world. A staff of twenty-five dedicated wastewater specialists, including engineers, microbiologists, and chemists are available to assist you in all aspects of system assessment and optimization.

One area of particular specialty is nitrification. Nitrification is critical step in many wastewater treatment systems and becoming more important and regulations tighten regarding nutrients in industrial effluents. Nitrification is the biological oxidation of ammonia, first to nitrite and then to nitrate. It is carried out in activated sludge systems by two unique types of bacteria – Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas. These bacteria are much more sensitive to environmental conditions than their heartier carbonaceous cousins. EBS offers a full menu of products and services to help you solve a wide variety of nitrification related issues. These products and services include:

Respirometry: EBS has conducted numerous studies to determine the nitrifying capacity of the biomass under various conditions, such as temperature or alkalinity. Respirometry has also been used to evaluate the potentially toxic impact of streams or compounds on the nitrifiers. This information is invaluable in determining the root cause of loss of nitrification or evaluating the potential benefits of adding commercial nitrifiers or nitrifying bacteria.

BioStar Bacterial Formulations: Sometimes, the problem isn’t the nitrifiers, but the environment in which they are trying to work. Supplemental bioaugmentation with specific carbonaceous strains can reduce or mitigate organic loading, inhibition, or toxicity that prevents the nitrifiers from doing their jobs. By utilizing the patented EBS Bacterial Acceleration Chamber (BAC) very high inoculation rates can be achieved at an affordable cost.

NitriStar 750 Nitrifying Bacteria: Sometimes, you simply need more nitrifiers in your system sooner than nature (or your system) can provide them. That’s when EBS NitriStar 750 comes in. The most active and cost effective product of its kind, NitriStar 750 is a highly concentrated suspension of both Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas strains. Shipped overnight inconvenient, easy-to-use one-gallon or 10-pound containers, the addition of NitriStar 750 can shorten you system recovery time by days.

On-site Consulting: When adding product and lab testing isn’t enough, it’s time to bring in the experts. EBS Principal Consultant, Mike Foster, has been troubleshooting activated sludge systems for almost twenty years and worked with nitrification in refineries, coke plants in steel mills, meat and poultry processing facilities, and pulp and paper mills. He and the other consultants at EBS are available on short notice to come to your site and provide a knowledgeable perspective to your problems.

As winter approaches, nitrification is often the first aspect of your treatment that suffers.

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