Making a Difference in Louisiana with Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship programEnvironmental Business Specialists is a strong proponent of giving back to the community. We encourage and foster an attitude of volunteerism among our employees. Understanding the value of belonging to a community and encouraging employees to seek out opportunities to give back is promoted not only verbally but written in our company manual.

Advancing one’s education is difficult for many people, especially with today’s economic hardships. This is true for high school students entering college or someone going back to school after years of parenthood or a career change. Scholarships are a gift to many, enabling them to further their personal educational goals. Christine and Mike Foster had the opportunity recently to work with two organizations that provide scholarships.

Christine participated as a Committee Mem ¬ber for the Professional Women of St. Tammany, a business organization she belongs to. Their purpose is to provide educational workshops throughout the year which allow members to network with other professional women. They honor women who have achieved great success through their annual Professional Woman of the Year banquet with the banquet’s proceeds funding their scholarship program to provide higher education expenses for the women of St. Tammany who are pursuing advancement in the workforce. In May 2010, PW of St. Tammany gave $10,000 in schol ¬arships to seven women at their annual benefit luncheon. The appreciation these women feel to receive a monetary gift to help pay bills associated with advancing their education is overwhelming.

Additionally, both Christine and Mike are founding board members for The Harvey L. Foster Foundation for Science Edu ¬cation. The mission for The Harvey L. Foster Foundation for Science Education is to instill an interest in science in youths, to further science education in under-funded programs in elementary, secondary, and higher education in the St. Tammany, Washington, Livingston, and Tangipahoa Parishes of Louisiana, and to assist high school seniors and college young adults in pursuing college degrees in the areas of science and engineering. The Foundation Board rated 54 local high school graduates pursuing science degrees at various universities across the United States. Five individuals received scholarships totally $32,000 over four years and another eleven students received one time scholarships of $500. This amounted to $37,500 awarded in 2010.

For more information on how you might participate in the Professional Women of St. Tammany, please go to If you are interested in participating in or donating to The Harvey L. Foster Foundation for Science Education, please go to We are proud to have participated in these scholarship processes.

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