Event Instructors

[instructor name=”tbd”]Instructor TBD[/instructor]

[instructor name=”mfoster”]Mike FosterMike Foster is Principal Consultant for Environmental Business Specialists, LLC in Mandeville, LA. Mike started EBS in 1997 after a thirteen-year career with a major supplier of wastewater treatment chemicals. Mike conducts training classes and seminars throughout North America, Asia and Europe on activated sludge systems, ASBs, polymers, and the use of chemical and biological technologies in these systems.

Mike received his B.S. degree in Chemistry and an M.S. degree in Instructional Technology from the University of Southern Mississippi. He is a Certified Environmental Trainer (CET) in wastewater and holds Class IV Wastewater Operator Licenses in MS, LA, and AR. Mike authored numerous articles and papers on topics including nutrient optimization, activated sludge process control, bioaugmentation and micronutrient technology.[/instructor]

[instructor name=”clange”]Cliff LangeDr. Cliff Lange has been involved in numerous research projects including biological treatment of paper mill and refinery wastes, whole effluent toxicity testing of wastewater effluents and process toxicity of organic chemicals in activated sludge processes. He has performed measurement of semi-volatiles and PAHs in wastewater treatment process samples from over 35 petroleum refineries and has over 20 years’ experience with GC and GC/MS analysis of industrial wastewater and solid samples. Dr. Lange has also assisted over 75 pulp and paper mills and 25 food processing plants with biological treatment issues.[/instructor]

[instructor name=”aenglande”]Dr. Englande

Andrew (A.J.) Englande, Jr  is a Ph.D., P.E., and DEE Professor Emeritus for the Department of Global Environmental Health Sciences at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Dr. Englande specializes in natural resource management including water quality and toxics assessment/control, with research areas in industrial waste management, wastewater and water treatment; bioremediation; the fate of trace contaminants and pathogens in the environment. In addition, Dr. Englande has published over 150 papers dealing with sustainability, wastewater and water treatment, waste minimization and kinetics of contaminant removal by biological systems. He has presented a similar number of papers at international, national, and local conferences and has organized and participated in numerous continuing education programs and workshops. Dr. Englande is a member of many professional organizations, notably a life member of Fulbright Association and Water Environment Federation (WEF). He is a Fulbright Scholar and the 2014 recipient of the WEF Industrial Water Quality Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Englande is a board certificated environmental engineer through the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists and is a registered professional engineer in the State of Louisiana.[/instructor]

[instructor name=”csiener”]Carl SienerCarl Siener is a representative for Environmental Technical Sales (ETEC) of Baton Rouge, LA. ETEC represents over thirty equipment manufacturers serving the wastewater treatment industry and specializes in the pulp and paper industry. Carl will present information on aeration equipment and aeration basin flow optimization. Carl graduated from Louisiana State University in 1976 with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the industrial wastewater treatment industry.[/instructor]

[instructor name=”pklopping”]Paul KloppingPaul Klopping is Principal Consultant for Callan and Brooks in Corvallis, OR. A specialist in biological wastewater treatment, he has over thirty years experience in plant operations, training, and technical assistance. His expertise in activated sludge process control, solids handling, and facility management has been utilized in hundreds of projects throughout North America, the South Pacific, and Europe.

Paul’s education includes a B.S. and three years of postgraduate study in microbiology. He is a Certified Environmental Trainer, a former Department Chairman of the Water/ Wastewater Technology Department at Linn-Benton Community College in Oregon, a charter member and Past President of the National Environmental Training Association, and Past President of the Pacific Northwest Pollution Control Association. Paul was a faculty member of TAPPI’s Activated Sludge Short Course and Biological Wastewater Workshop for eleven years[/instructor]

[instructor name=”rdolly”]Richard DollyRichard Dolly is the Director of Pulp and Paper. He oversees all field service consultants and the projects group. He also works with clients in a consulting role, assisting with wastewater treatment issues, support, recommendations and conducts wastewater training throughout the country.

Richard received a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Florida State University in 2009. He has a Masters in Hydrology from the University of Mississippi, where his thesis research focused on the fate of chemically persistent metals in riparian wetlands.

Previously, Richard worked as a Staff Scientist for Aerostar SES, LLC where he performed testing on water samples, asbestos samples, and hazardous waste stream samples. He was also a teaching assistant at the University of Mississippi, where he taught lab courses for the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering.[/instructor]

[instructor name=”klauer”]Kellen LauerKellen Lauer joined EBS in August 2015 and is a Senior Environmental Specialist in our treatability area. Her assignment is to expand the company’s capabilities in microbial source tracking and DNA quantification. These new capabilities are initially aimed at determining if measured fecal indicator bacteria are caused by fresh fecal contamination and if so, what the sources of contamination are. As such, Kellen was responsible for creating EBS’s Molecular Biology Laboratory, which includes DNA extraction and qPCR analysis. Kellen is also a key member of the EBS Microbiology Laboratory, which is responsible for providing basic and advanced microbiological evaluations to EBS clients.

Kellen earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Sciences with a focus in Ecology from the University of Virginia in May 2012. She earned her Master of Science degree in Marine Sciences from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May 2015. Kellen worked as a Research Assistant at the University of North Carolina, Institute of Marine Sciences where she studied fecal contamination of coastal waters in relation to public health concerns. This research consisted of collecting environmental samples for analysis of fecal-associated bacteria contamination as well as working closely with town managers and stakeholders on the design and implementation of analytical studies. [/instructor]

[instructor name=”nhathaway”]Nathan HathawayNathan Hathaway joined EBS in January 2013 and is a Treatability Lab Coordinator. His initial assignment was at an EBS client site assisting the mill in a variety of environmental related activities. Since then Nathan has worked in the EBS chemistry lab processing and troubleshooting client samples and on client research projects. Nathan currently supports the growing treatability area of EBS, which utilizes a variety of respirometry technology to solve challenging client issues. Nathan works with the setup, monitoring, and final data analysis of projects assigned to respirometer systems. He also works with the EBS bench scale activated sludge and anaerobic digesters running research and client projects. Nathan earned a B.S. in Microbiology/Molecular Biology with a Minor in Chemistry from Southeastern Louisiana University (SELU) of Hammond, LA in May 2012. He has an Associate of Science in Natural/Physical Science from Baton Rouge Community College as well as an Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Technology from Louisiana Technical College.[/instructor]

[instructor name=”dsharp”]Danielle SharpDanielle Sharp joined EBS in March 2015 and is a Senior Environmental Specialist within the Microbiology Laboratory. This team is responsible for providing basic and advanced microbiological evaluations, interpreting chemical and microbiological data, and providing reports to EBS clients. Danielle earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Science from Southeastern Louisiana University in May 2011 and a Master of Science degree in Biological Science in August 2014.  As a Graduate Assistant, she conducted research involving forensically important insects and microbial communities associated with above ground cadaver decomposition. Prior to joining EBS, Danielle was an Instructor of Biology at Northshore Technical Community College.

[instructor name=”blee”]Blaine LeeBlaine Lee joined EBS in January 2013 and is currently a Business Development Coordinator in the Business Development Group. His responsibilities are to develop new business, working with potential clients and wastewater related companies to develop relationships for direct product sales, project sales, and joint project work. Additionally, Blaine consults with clients and continues to fulfill a variety of back up consulting and support needs for clients. Blaine earned a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) of Oxford, MS in May 2011. There he was a research lab assistant, a peer leader for the Luckyday Scholarship Program, and tutored math, chemistry, and physics for the university.[/instructor]

[instructor name=”hpolicicchio”]Heather PolicicchioHeather Edmunds joined EBS in March 2015 and is a Senior Environmental Specialist managing all boat studies at client sites. These studies consist of sampling numerous parameters at client sites, gathering and interpreting the data, and presenting findings to clients. Heather was a Graduate Teaching Assistant as well as a Research Assistant at the University of West Florida. During this time, she was the instructor for 17 lab sections acting as the lead instructor. As Research Assistant, she assisted with sample and data collection used by the National Parks Service for a project that monitored the water quality in Pensacola Bay. Heather graduated from Ball State University, in May 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences and a Master of Science in Environmental Sciences in May 2014.[/instructor]

[instructor name=”tmcelwee”]Tripp McElweeJoseph “Tripp” McElwee III is a Regional Consultant. A position designed to expose the individual to virtually every area of EBS with the express intent of creating employees capable of moving into a contributing role within one of the EBS units at the end of the training period. Tripp currently works in the Client Services group, assisting our clients in the Carolinas with their needed areas of compliance. He also works with the Business Development team in expanding EBS’s capabilities into new markets and holds a Class I Wastewater Operator Certification.

Tripp graduated from Clemson University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree. In 2015, he received his Master of Science in Environmental Studies and Public Administration degree from the College of Charleston. During this time, he was a Teaching Assistant and a Research Assistant. Tripp holds a Class I Wastewater Operator Certification.[/instructor]

[instructor name=”toconnor”]Tim O'ConnorTimothy O’Connor is a Senior Environmental Specialist with the Client Services Group. In this role, Tim consults and services EBS clients regarding a wide variety of environmental compliance and operational issues. He also assists with business development efforts at EBS working with many prospective clients in fulfilling their wastewater compliance needs.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Warren Wilson College and a Master of Science in Public Health degree in Environmental Health Sciences from Tulane University. He holds certifications with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, and Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and is a member of the Louisiana Conference on Water Supply, Sewerage, and Industrial Wastes. He holds a Class I Wastewater Operator Certification for Louisiana.

Prior to joining EBS, Tim was an Environmental Impact Scientist 3 with the Port of New Orleans where he conducted a variety of site assessments, field investigations, and environmental health visits. He was an Environmental Scientist with Materials Management Group, formerly the environmental consultants for the City of New Orleans, and a Farm Manager at Arc of Greater New Orleans where he supervised adults with intellectual disabilities.[/instructor]

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