Eight Growth Pressures of Biological Treatment in Aerated Stabilization Basins: Part 8

Part 8 of 8: Microbial Viability

Figure 1. EBS BAC Unit at client site.

Figure 1. EBS BAC Unit at client site.

The last growth pressure that we will discuss in this series is the viability of the biological population. In many ways, the quantity and quality of the aeration basin microbiological population are the results of the other growth pressures. The system will only contain as many bacteria as the available BOD loading (food) will support. The other growth pressures also come into play in determining the amount and type of bacteria that will predominate in the system. These growth pressures will also dictate what higher life forms or protozoa, are present.

While the amount of bacteria is generally determined by the loading to the system and other growth pressures, it is possible to rapidly increase the number of bacteria in the system to boost the population. This approach employed by EBS is termed inoculation and requires the use of on-site bacterial cultivation to be cost effective. Through the use of Bacterial Acceleration Chambers (BACTM Units), EBS has pioneered the high-level inoculation approach to bioaugmentation. Where traditional bioaugmentation approaches, such as dry bacteria addition and Pre-acclimation Devices (PAD units) only added token amounts of bacteria, the EBS approach can inoculate systems at levels ranging from 100,000 – 1,000,000 cfu/ml.

EBS produces a line of custom formulated biological products containing selected bacteria to handle the toughest wastewater problems. Not just bugs and bran, EBS MicroStarTM and BioStarTM bioaugmentation products are the result of five years of research and development focused on producing products that can be “grown up” on site. Growth media and micronutrients are formulated with these products to accelerate bacterial growth and division in the BAC Unit.

Bioaugmentation will not overcome significant system deficiencies, such as inadequate dissolved oxygen, toxicity, or gross organic overloads. However, aggressive bioaugmentation with an EBS BAC Unit will ensure that you get all of the performance possible out of your system.

With over fifty BAC Units in use throughout the United States, EBS has become a leader in cost effective bioaugmentation. To see if an EBS BAC unit can help you improve your wastewater system performance or reduce operating costs, contact us  at info@ebsbiowizard.com.

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