Eco-Friendly Defoamers

PuroStar™, designed specifically for wastewater treatment applications.

Industrial manufacturing and wastewater treatment processes routinely generate foam. Foam is generated when gas is entrapped within a liquid, and the gas-liquid dispersion is stabilized. Many products currently on the market to remedy foam are actually process grade defoamer products that are repurposed and used in the wastewater treatment facility rather than products specifically tailored to the wastewater treatment process. EBS recognizes the impact repurposed products can have on the wastewater treatment process and offers a line of environmentally-friendly defoamer products to fulfill the needs of industrial wastewater processes.

Our treatability lab routinely conducts respirometric testing on chemicals that may cause chemical inhibition to the biology within industrial wastewater treatment systems. We tested two chemistries of defoamer products, treating them no differently than any suspected biological toxicant. Each was tested well beyond maximum dosages and side-by-side with a known chemical inhibitor for their impact on the wastewater treatment system. None impacted the functionality of the wastewater system as seen by the cumulative oxygen uptake rates showing biological activity (Figures 1 and 2).

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Many permits require no visible foam present at the discharge site of a facility’s receiving stream. EBS defoamer products were tested for toxicity on the two most widely used aquatic organisms found on NPDES permits: C. dubia and P. promelas. The defoamer portfolio poses little to no risk to these organisms. Let us help you treat effluent foam and ensure little effluent toxicity occurs. Your EBS rep will conduct onsite testing to determine which defoamer is the best fit for you with a photo of the foam cell test kit in action.

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