EBS Upset Response

Plant upsets can cause havoc in your wastewater system. Upsets can cause increased BOD loading, pH fluctuations, and the introduction of potentially inhibitory compounds and chemicals to the wastewater treatment system. If the system does not have sufficient aeration, an active bacterial population, or adequate retention time these upsets could threaten biological treatment and potentially cause a permit violation. In the event of an upset, it is imperative that the plant takes the necessary measures to maintain environmental compliance and to avoid a mill shutdown.

EBS upset support is driven by two of the company’s core values which are to “respond at the speed of sound” and to be “calm in the middle of the storm”. We are able to deploy consultants quickly and in most cases, arrive at the client site within 24 hours. We provide crisis support with around the clock assessments of the wastewater treatment system and on-site consulting.

While on-site, EBS will collect wastewater samples from various locations in the system. Temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen are measured at these locations. In addition, samples are collected to measure nutrient residuals (ammonia and phosphorous), Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD), and Total Suspended Solids(TSS). A microbiological assessment will also be conducted to determine the health and abundance of the biomass in the system and to determine if toxicity or inhibition has impaired the system through the Dissolved Oxygen Update Rate(DOUR) test and the fed DOUR test. Other testing may be performed if necessary. All this information will provide insight into the effects of the upset and our consultants will be able to provide concise recommendations to plant personnel in order to maintain compliance. These recommendations may include bioaugmentation, supplemental nutrient addition, or providing an additional oxygen source to the system.

EBS is the leader in this type of support across the country and we pride ourselves on providing this service to you.

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