Why does EBS exist and our Core Values

Why we exist.

EBS Core Values

EBS has experienced a great deal of growth and change since the company started in 1997. In our 20th anniversary year, we feel the importance of conveying who we are as a company and why we exist. So, whether you work with us currently or might consider working with EBS in the future, we would like to share with you what we believe makes us unique; our core values.

Several years ago, we were inspired to discover our WHY after viewing Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk, “How great leaders inspire action”. We felt compelled to clarify our purpose for existence and our Core Values, or as Simon calls it our WHY, HOW, and WHAT, in that order. We read his book, “Start with Why”, along with many other leadership oriented books and went on a journey of discovery about our current state, the company’s future, and our growth as leaders. We discovered EBS was no different than many companies who often focus on what you do because it is truly the clearest and easiest thing to communicate to clients as opposed to why we do what we do for them. Since then, we have identified and fine-tuned our “Why Statement” through several iterations. So why does EBS exist? Quite simply, “As trusted advisors for our clients, we are inspired to help them protect North America’s rivers, lakes, streams, and estuaries while supporting their financial goals and long-term sustainability.” Knowing who we are allows EBS to focus our vision regarding our activities.

So how does EBS implement and put our WHY into action? We have six Core Values we feel define who EBS is, with these values encouraged and exposed to all employees throughout their employ. Our core values are embodied in our 20th Anniversary banners you see here of which one core value will be covered in depth during each upcoming newsletter. We invite you to start a dialogue with us if you have any questions or conversational points to be made on them. But more importantly, we hope you enjoy learning about Why EBS exists.

Warm regards,
Christine Foster

Core Value #1 – Respond at the Speed of Sound: “No one responds faster.”

EBS Core Value #1Our company and employees understand and appreciate the critical nature of our clients’ needs. We respond promptly to both internal and external client requests and within reason, place our highest priority on these needs. EBS employees take quick action without being constantly reminded. They meet deadlines or communicate effectively when situations dictate that a deadline will not or cannot be met. In fact, our employees are encouraged to strive towards being “Freaking Awesome” in this and all our core values. To achieve this level of recognition, EBS employees must consider client needs to be our highest priority and work closely with them to identify and anticipate their needs. They must recognize that even those employees not directly interfacing with clients must operate with the same level of measured urgency. EBS employees are encouraged to relish the opportunity to be part of the response team when clients have urgent needs. They should proactively anticipate client needs and readily volunteer for opportunities that require short notice travel or change of priorities, and they should consistently exhibit a sense of urgency under both normal and crisis situations. And finally, EBS employees should take pride in being viewed as a “Client Response Specialist.”

Stay tuned for our next newsletter where we discuss EBS Core Value #2 – Calm in the Middle of the Storm: “Experienced compliance crisis support.”

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