EBS Core Value #5: Open Book

“Transparent in our dealings – internal and external” EBS Core Value 5 - Open Book

In past newsletters, we covered the first four of EBS’s Six Core Values: Responding at the Speed of Sound, Simple yet Profound, Calm in the Storm, and No Fear. Here, we introduce you to “Open Book”, a core value that finds its way into our actions internally as well as externally with our clients.

EBS is a unique enterprise as far as the breadth of products and services that we perform for our clients. For this reason, it has been essential since our company’s inception to develop a high level of trust with clients. Our transparent and “unbundled” business model eliminates the need for us to sell products just to justify the offering of technical support or laboratory analysis. We are equally comfortable as a product supplier or a billable consultant. We simply want to deliver exceptional results at a fair and defensible price. At EBS, we don’t promise what we cannot deliver, we don’t sell what a client doesn’t need, and we don’t pontificate when we don’t know the answer. So having that relationship built on trust allows us to be an open book with our clients.

We believe in open communication internally and strive every day to keep it clear, open, and honest in a positive manner. The EBS Leadership Team encourages employees to exhibit authenticity in all they do, be accountable, and lead by example. We teach that leadership begins with character, and that transparency and authenticity are critical components of leadership character. Our employees work on many assignments concurrently, relying on a team approach to complete projects, acquire new clients, and meet the needs of our existing clients. We focus on the development of high-performance teams, growing skills and competencies to make these teams successful. Additionally, the EBS Leadership Team communicates where the company stands, where we are heading, and what the most important thing we should focus on, aka our “Rallying Cry.” Keeping employees looped in on important areas allows them to be stronger and more engaged members of the company, which in turn creates a higher performing employee for you, our client.

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