EBS Core Value #2: Simple, yet Profound

EBS core value simple yet profoundTrying to explain the EBS business model or approach to meeting our client needs is sometimes a challenge as EBS offers a wide variety of wastewater related products and services to our clients that are often times customized or adapted for the specific situation or application. However, one only has to look at our Simple, yet Profound Core Value to see that while we pride ourselves on being customer centric, our approach is straightforward and technically sound. Our goal is to utilize solid, well-understood science in ways that have a profound impact on our clients’ environmental compliance and corporate profitability.

Every EBS employee is evaluated on how well they exhibit this and all EBS Core Values. In order to achieve a top rating for Simple, yet Profound, EBS employees are expected to fully understand the basics of their job, and strives to find new, better, faster, more effective, or more efficient ways to increase the EBS value proposition for our clients. We continually think about how to extend or expand the EBS experience to our clients within the context of our core competencies and core values. Above all, our employees should never use the excuse, “This is how we have always done it.” Being satisfied with the status quo is completely contrary to this Core Value.

Simply showing up is not good enough. As Trusted Advisors to our clients, EBS employees strive to collaborate with them to develop and implement impactful solutions that ensure compliance, increase the margin of safety and reduce overall operating costs.

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