Customer Loyalty as a Measure of EBS’s Success

Customer Loyalty as a Measure of EBS's SuccessEnvironmental Business Specialists takes great pride in the fact that we have never lost a customer due to poor service. Although one was lost during Hurricane Katrina when we were briefly unreachable and one other was temporarily lost due to competitive pricing pressures, EBS has regained the latter’s business again due to our offerings and abilities. We believe we encourage great customer loyalty.

At a recent American Marketing Association meeting in New Orleans, I had the opportunity to hear a talk by Aldy Keene of The Loyalty Research Center on Customer Loyalty. What I found so interesting is that the items he discussed seemed to parallel how EBS runs our business. Mr. Keene discussed customer loyalty as a relationship or mindset. In this mindset are preference, trust, belief, tolerance, or not.

Loyalty has to be an exchange where both parties benefit. How can our customers ben ­efit from a relationship with EBS? Do we provide a unique product, service, or relationship that is better than anything else in the marketplace? While many of our products, services, or application methods are not incredibly unique, some truly are. But moreover, we believe that EBS brings to our client’s table a valuable understanding of what is going on within their system and unparalleled service. Our goal is to give our clients much more than the next vendor or consultant with the goal of assisting them in the best way possible to stay within compliance. We ask our clients to trust us and we endeavor to never let them down. And that breeds customer loyalty.

What does EBS receive from our clients? Besides payment for these services, we feel we receive your trust and your friendship, resulting in new business for EBS. We’ve been honored to be recommended by corporate environmental teams to mills in their purview, by mills recommending us to sister mills within their organization, and from person to person as customers change organizations and bring us into their new employer. In turn, your additional business and revenues allow EBS to continue expanding in order to provide even more services. We believe the experiences our customers have with EBS are strongly positive. So not only does customer loyalty exist, vendor loyalty is created also.

Loyalty is a powerful thing. Strongly loyal customers ask us for recommendations and we strive to provide what they truly need to answer important questions and solve difficult problems. We do not oversell, up sell, or overprice products and services in our proposals. We work with our clients to help them solve their problems and run their plant better—to stay within compliance and keep costs down. And you trust us enough to recognize the value to your mill in what we offer. We thank you for that.

We like to think that EBS differentiates itself based on our service. This may sound incredibly simple but we are proud to be a vendor that clients call on in times of need as well as during times of proper plant maintenance. Trust. Customer loyalty. Supplier loyalty. A mindset that we trust each other to do what is needed and do the right thing. It’s the basis of our relationship with you and the success we feel we have achieved.

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