EBS Core Value #4: No Fear

“Adventurous, inquisitive, and forward thinking”

EBS Core Value No FearFor this issue, we want to introduce you to another of our Six Core Values – No Fear. At EBS, we hire mostly young, relatively inexperienced individuals with science degrees such as Environmental Science, Biology, Hydrogeology, Microbiology, and Chemistry. We immerse them in our client-centric, scientifically-grounded approach to identifying and solving biological wastewater treatment problems for our industrial clients. These smart, aggressive employees quickly become valued resources with the goal of becoming truly regarded as Trusted Advisors.

An important part of that development is to be willing and comfortable going where “no one has gone before.” They recognize that oftentimes a new opportunity or assignment will mean venturing into the unknown (technologically, geographically, or even culturally) and no one can provide the answers to all of the “What if” questions. We seek out employees that are self-sufficient and able to work independently with minimal direction from others. However, they recognize how and when to curb the fearlessness to avoid creating situations where one’s expertise, experience, and/or technical competency are exceeded, knowing that they are backed by a Leadership Team and other resources (internal and external) upon which they can depend to assist them in meeting the needs of our valued clients. No Fear — another company competency that separates EBS from other vendors while generating success within and for our clients.

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