EBS Core Value #3: Calm in the Storm

EBS Core value wastewater calm in the middle of the stormIn our previous EBS Newsletters, we have introduced you to two of our Six Core Values – Respond at the Speed of Sound and Simple yet Profound. In this special, Hurricane Irma Edition, we would like to cover a third EBS Core Value – Calm in the Storm. And yes, this really is an EBS Core Value, not something we came up with for this newsletter focused on Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery. Calm in the Storm means that EBS employees are trained and conditioned to support our clients during the most stressful situations that may occur. We understand the criticality of the EBS role with our clients and recognize that our clients may be under significant stress or pressure and have multiple issues to deal with during a crisis or emergency. It is incumbent upon EBS employees to provide a reassuring calmness and confidence at all times and help alleviate the pressure associated with maintaining or restarting the wastewater treatment system, allowing mill personnel to focus on other critical issues.


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