Enhanced Bioaugmentation with the EBS Bacterial Acceleration Chamber (BAC™)

Bioaugmentation BAC Units

Commercial bacteria have been used for almost thirty years to address a myriad of wastewater problems including poor BOD reduction, excessive solids carryover, problems related to toxic materials, and odors. Products were applied in various forms, including powders, liquid concentrates, solids blocks and even crop dusted over the pond. In each case, the amount of bacteria added is based on the manufacturer’s specified concentration, usually reported as CFU (colony forming units or bacteria) per milliliter or gram. Consequently, the cost-effectiveness of the product applications is often less than desirable. However, bacterial products offer the customer one feature no other chemical additive does, the ability to multiply on-site prior to application.

By utilizing specially formulated bacterial blends and growth media cultivated in a patent-pending Bacteria Acceleration Chamber (BAC Unit), the number of active cultures applied can be increased 100 – 1000 fold. The result is a greater chance of success at an affordable cost.

The Products: EBS produces a line of custom formulated bacterial blends specifically designed for on-site grow up. These products contain selected bacteria blended with growth media and micronutrients designed to address the toughest wastewater problems. Not just bugs and bran, EBS MicroStarTM and BioStarTM formulations are the results of four years of R&D focused on producing a product that can be grown up on site. The result is a product that multiplies up to 1000x in 24 hours.

The Feed System: EBS BAC Units are the most efficient bioaugmentation application system available. The unit can feed dosages ranging from 1 – 25 pounds per batch. Up to two batches per day can be produced. The units are fitted to be automatically or manually dumped into the pond, a customizable feature.

The Result: More bacteria entering the aerated section of the pond means higher BOD removal rates. Since fewer bacteria are being initially used to create the population, cost savings are immediately seen. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. EBS has many examples of this successful application.

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