Advanced Biological Wastewater Troubleshooting Seminar – A Great Success!

EBS held their first Advanced Biological Wastewater Troubleshooting Seminar April 2012.

This 3-day event, held last month at our headquarters in Mandeville, Louisiana was rated a great success by more than 30 professionals who attended. They came from the fields of biology and engineering, plant engineering and operations, environmental management, and they included biotechnology providers, research scientists, environmental engineers, technical managers, corporate-level environmental staff, and consultants.

Advanced Seminar at the ClarionWith this seminar, EBS wanted to promote awareness of the most advanced techniques in wastewater troubleshooting. The seminar was organized to exchange information between users, scientists, and engineers regarding the overall operating process, and to share common problems, interests, and solutions related to the wastewater microbiology utilized by those in the pulp and paper, specialty chemical, petrochemical, petroleum refining, and food processing industries.

Our guest speakers were Dr. Cliff Lange (Professor at Auburn University College), Mike Matheny (President of Envera LLC, a biotechnology company), Paul Klopping (Owner of Callan & Brooks, Inc) and our own from EBS, Mike Foster (Principal Consultant) and J’ohnnie Wilson (Director of Training and Business Development). They all shared first-hand knowledge and contributed to a wide-ranging discussion of technical and operational issues.

The seminar started with a Review of the Eight Growth Pressures and Basics of Wastewater Microbiology and Filamentous Identification to start attendees on the same page, dived into a day of Advanced Analytical Techniques and Advances in Bioaugmentation Product Development and Application, and ended with Hands-on lab work where participants could bring their own samples.

Participants were enthusiastic and are now looking forward to the next advanced wastewater event hosted by EBS.

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