6 Tips for Microscopic Evaluation of your Activated Sludge System


Environmental Business Specialists believes that monitoring the microbiology (biomass) of your activated sludge system or aerated stabilization basin (ASB) is just as critical as any other test such as pH, nutrients, total suspended solids (TSS), or chemical oxygen demand (COD). Often, the bacteria will show symptoms of stress or toxicity days before the actual performance of BOD or TSS removal deteriorates. However, because microscopic evaluation can be a somewhat subjective and site specific, many plants have chosen to perform this analysis sporadically, if at all. Alternatively, they may send samples to an outside consultant, such as EBS, with some frequency.

EBS recommends to our clients that they perform the microscopic analysis on site to make the analyses real time and more meaningful in order to anticipate and troubleshoot system problems. Below are several tips for microscopic analysis.

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