EBS offers a variety of training formats including seminars and workshops, customized on-site training, and online wastewater courses. Our on-site training courses are developed specific to your facility to meet your training and learning needs.

Several of our courses are pre-approved for wastewater operator certification CEUs. We are always happy to submit our courses for the proper approval to meet your operator licensing and certification needs.

Seminars and Workshops

EBS offers two different seminars at our Mandeville, LA headquarters and training center. We organize our seminars based on wastewater
system technologies: Aerated Stabilization Basins and Activated Sludge Systems. Both seminars cover the basics of wastewater treatment through new advanced technologies being utilized in wastewater troubleshooting and risk management.

Online Courses

EBS offers several online courses for wastewater operators. These courses are designed to allow participants to complete them while at work or from home. The online format offers the flexibility of access from any computer with an Internet connection. The currently available and future courses are described below.

Aerated Stabilization Basins (ASBs) make up approximately one-third of all pulp and paper wastewater treatment systems in North America. However, there are few books or formal training courses devoted to this technology. This online course is designed to accompany and/or complement the book entitled “Aerated Stabilization Basins in the Pulp and Paper Industry”, authored by Mike Foster of EBS and Paul Klopping of Callan and Brooks.

The target audience for this training program is wastewater operations personnel, corporate technical resources, and consulting engineers in the pulp and paper industry. No specific educational or experience background is required. The people that will benefit most from this course are those whose jobs require them to have a working knowledge of the operation, monitoring, and troubleshooting of aerated stabilization basins in pulp and paper mills.

This course has been approved for continuing education credits (CEUs) for operator license certification in several states.

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