Industrial Wastewater Treatment


On Site Consulting Services

Since 1997, EBS has provided specialized on-site support to industrial wastewater treatment systems. Ranging from on-going monitoring and technical support to emergency support during upsets and system failures, EBS brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to you when you need it. By keeping our overhead low and working with allied companies, we have the ability to give you quality data and recommendations at an affordable cost. From tracer studies to depth surveys to upset remediation, we can help you maintain compliance without breaking your budget.

Aerated Stabilization Basins

EBS is one of the most respected companies in the industry when it comes to monitoring and troubleshooting aerated stabilization basins (ASB’s) in the pulp and paper industry. EBS Principal Consultant Mike Foster has authored over ten technical papers on various aspects of ASB optimization. He is a co-author (along with Paul Klopping of Callan and Brooks) of a comprehensive manual entitled, “Aerated Stabilization Basins for Pulp and Paper Mills”. Since 1997, EBS has performed system evaluations, operator training, and upset response support to numerous industrial wastewater treatment plants to address performance issues in their ASB’s. Currently EBS works with over 40 ASB’s throughout the United States. Some types of studies and services we provide are listed below.

  1. Lithium tracer studies to determine hydraulic retention time
  2. Lagoon Bathymetric Surveys to determine water depth and volume
  3. Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature Profiling
  4. Treatability Studies for retention time and/or nutrient optimization
  5. Wastewater Treatment System Performance Evaluations

Any or all of these components can be included in a single comprehensive system evaluation. – Comprehensive ASB Study Report

Activated Sludge Systems

EBS also has extensive experience in supporting industrial activated sludge systems in many industries including pulp & paper, chemical processing, petroleum refining, dairy processing, and food processing. Some examples of the type of work we perform in support of industrial activated sludge systems are provided below.

  1. System operation modification to address mill closure – Activated Sludge System Audit Presentation
  2. Conventional Activated Sludge System Performance Reviews – General Consulting Audit
  3. UNOX Pure Oxygen Activated Sludge System Reviews – UNOX Evaluation Report
  4. Nutrient Optimization
  5. Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) Optimization – SBR Optimization Presentation
  6. Secondary Clarifier Troubleshooting and Optimization using advanced tools such as State Point Analysis.