Nutrient Blends

EBS provides customized nitrogen and phosphorus blends to meet your biological nutrient needs. Using state-of-the-art respirometry techniques, EBS determines the optimum formulation and dosage of our MacroGro nutrient blends for your wastewater treatment plant’s system. This optimum blend of nitrogen:phosphorus ensures utmost reproduction of the WWTP biological population, which maximizes BOD reduction, reduces nutrient waste and therefore cost, and assists in ensuring compliance. Our network of almost twenty blending facilities ensures cost-competitive pricing backed by outstanding technical support.

The EBS MacroGro nutrient formulations offer several advantages:

  • No waste acids or industrial byproducts are used in our formulations.
  • All products are pH neutral, improving safety and handling.
  • Shipped in bulk or non-returnable totes.
  • Backed by technical support from a recognized expert in the area of wastewater nutrient optimization.
  • Extensive network of facilities reduces freight costs and lead times for deliveries.