At EBS, we believe that bioaugmentation cultures can be a viable tool in addressing wastewater upsets, but only when applied as part of a holistic approach and in accordance with good science. Without adequate dissolved oxygen and macronutrients the system will be limited regardless of whose bugs you feed or how many pounds you add. By evaluating your entire system and all of the critical inputs, we focus on solving the problem not selling you bugs. If you need to or want to add bugs for any reason, we will sell you a quality product at a very low price with no salesman’s commission or big company overhead built in. If you need in-depth on-site service, we can bill you separately or upcharge it into the product price at a mutually agreed upon rate.

The EBS BioStar formulations are broad spectrum, high viable count bacterial formulations specifically developed for applications such as the pulp and paper, chemical processing, refining and municipalities. Packaged in water-soluble bags in 25-pound pails, these variable bacteria per gram products are both cost effective and easily applied.


EBS MicroStar 2.0 is a cadillac formulation designed to provide more than just bacteria. This formulation contains one billion bacteria per gram and is fortified with proprietary enzymes and micronutrients to enhance biodegradation and floc formation. Developed to be used with the EBS BAC units this product can be grown up to increase the amount of bacteria going into the system with out increasing cost.


NitroStarEBS NitriStar formulations are designed to provide high levels of nitrifying bacteria to maintain nitrification or speed reestablishment of nitrification. Available in several concentrations, NitriStar blends are a cost effective approach to maintaining nitrification under difficult conditions, such as cold temperature or toxic upsets.



EBS LiquiStar products are broad spectrum, high viable count bacterial formulations specifically developed for industrial applications in the pulp and paper, petrochemical processing, and petroleum refining industries. Almost all of our dry bacterial formulations can be produced as a LiquiStar product.