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2017, October 10-12
Mandeville, LA Early Registration Discount Available
2017 Fall Industrial Activated Sludge Wastewater Seminar

While the activated sludge process has been around for just over 100 years, the last ten years have seen significant advances in techniques to better understand the complex inner workings of the biomass itself. The instructors for this course are on the cutting edge of the development and application of a variety of tools and techniques that provide the wastewater operator and manager a deeper look into how your system is working and why it may not be performing as desired.

We will start with the basic mass balance principles and growth pressures that remain the foundation of the process. However, since this is a more intermediate or advanced level course, we will move quickly to the new material including secondary clarifier diagnostics, bioaccumulation and inhibition, exocellular polymer determination and management, bacterial viability quantification, and many other valuable topics.

This course is intended for experienced wastewater professionals with at least a basic understanding of the activated sludge process. In addition to experienced plant personnel, we encourage experienced consultants, corporate environmental professionals, and specialty chemical suppliers to join us for this one-of-a-kind continuing education opportunity.

This three-day course consists of both classroom and hands-on laboratory training. You will be exposed to tests used to diagnose your system’s health, chemical analyses and microbiological identification, and QA/QC methods for these tests. Attendees are encouraged to submit samples from their own system for analysis during the course.

Continuing Education Credits are available upon request. For more information, click to View Event Information and then on the Agenda.

2017, October 10-12
Mandeville, LA Early Registration Discount Available
2017 Fall Industrial ASB Wastewater Seminar

The Aerated Stabilization Basin (ASB) will be taught almost entirely by our EBS employees that perform the field and laboratory work for our pulp and paper clients. The content will be the same as previous ASB courses but presented from a very practical and real-world perspective. The course is based on the book “Pulp & Paper Aerated Stabilization Basins,” authored by Paul Klopping and Mike Foster, and all attendees will receive a copy of the book.

The course will cover pulp and paper wastewater fundamentals, the growth pressures impacting ASB performance, and how to assess the performance and capacity of your ASB. With presentations by EBS staff employees, this will be a great opportunity for attendees to gain a strong technical foundation upon which to build.

This course is a great opportunity for newer engineers and environmental scientists at both the mill and corporate levels. It is also a great course for managers that need a basic understanding of how their system operates and what steps can be taken to keep in running well and cost effectively.